Financial (Invitation to Apply) Mailing Lists

Exact Data’s Invitation to Apply score model is a marketing data score that gives you the precision to focus your marketing dollars on prospects most likely to have the economic stability to become valued customers. It allows you to recognize those segments of your universe based on their potential customer value. The ITA score is built exclusively from marketing data. Since no credit data is used to build the model, marketers do not have to worry about increasing regulatory issues specific to the use of credit data.

Approval for use of the select is required prior to the list purchase. For more information please call (877) 440-3282 or email

AcCredited and Pre-Qualified Investors E-Mail DatabaseCall for Count
AcCredited InvestorsCall for Count
AcCredited Investors at HomeCall for Count
Active Credit Card SeekersCall for Count
Active Credit Card UsersCall for Count
Active Credit Card Users By Type, Limit and Date IssuedCall for Count
Active Shoppers Who Use Credit Cards6,425,330
Affluent AcCredited InvestorsCall for Count
African American Credit ApplicantsCall for Count
African American Credit Card Holders by StateCall for Count
African American Credit Card Users7,017,391
Alternative Compliant Credit Header Database - Payday LoansCall for Count
American B86AcCredited InvestorsCall for Count
American Consumer Credit Card DatabaseCall for Count
American Express Credit Card HoldersCall for Count

How our Consumer Database is Compiled

Exact Data sources consumer data from a national database with approximately 242 million names, postal addresses, and telephone numbers, with approximately 700 selects, originating from over 2,000 different sources. Exact Data overlays its permission compliant, opt-in email address database from over 100 sources on that national database, to make what we believe is the best, most accurate and up to date multi-channel consumer database on the market. The database is compared to the USPS National Change of Address file every 60-days, and updated as necessary. And 15 to 20 million new email addresses are acquired each month, a rigorous, proprietary hygiene process is performed, and approximately 10%, or 1.5 to 2.0 million new email addresses, are appended to the national database.

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