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Hobbies & Interests Mailing Lists

Sell a product in a very particular niche? Target consumers based off their interests. For example, target organic food lovers, woodworking hobbyists, fishing enthusiasts, and much more!

View free samples of our different databases. Feel free to contact them to verify the accuracy of our lists. Use the search tool below and "go granular". Find the exact target for your marketing needs.

Americans Targeted by Hobbies and InterestsCall for Count
Baby Boomers Interests DatabaseCall for Count
Computing Interests3,862,523
Crafts and Hobbies Buyers9,564,167
Golf Interests, Responders, and Buyers For Direct Mail, Phone, and E-MailCall for Count
Healthy Lifestyle - Interests and RespondersCall for Count
Hobbies Stores4,571
Hobbies, Crafts and Collectibles DatabaseCall for Count
Hobby Interests - WoodworkingCall for Count
Interests by City - Fashion Lovers in Aiken, South Carolina10,495
Interests by City - Fashion Lovers in Alameda, California8,362
Interests by City - Fashion Lovers in Allen, Texas10,535
Interests by City - Fashion Lovers in Antioch, California10,348
Interests by City - Fashion Lovers in Apopka, Florida10,090
Interests by City - Fashion Lovers in Apple Valley, California8,736

How our Consumer Database is Compiled

Exact Data sources consumer data from a national database with approximately 242 million names, postal addresses, and telephone numbers, with approximately 700 selects, originating from over 2,000 different sources. Exact Data overlays its permission compliant, opt-in email address database from over 100 sources on that national database, to make what we believe is the best, most accurate and up to date multi-channel consumer database on the market. The database is compared to the USPS National Change of Address file every 60-days, and updated as necessary. And 15 to 20 million new email addresses are acquired each month, a rigorous, proprietary hygiene process is performed, and approximately 10%, or 1.5 to 2.0 million new email addresses, are appended to the national database.

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