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Search for "Real Estate" and find lists of brokers and affluent investors. We get requests daily from Real Estate agents looking for potential buyers. That list doesn’t exist, but use the search tool below and search for "newly pregnant", then select by "current renter", "income" and "geography" and voila! Also try searching for "newly married" by "income".

View free samples of our different databases. Feel free to contact them to verify the accuracy of our lists. Use the search tool below and "go granular". Find the exact target for your marketing needs.

Affluent Investors in Real EstateCall for Count
Affluent Real Estate InvestorsCall for Count
Big Time Real Estate - Wealthy Property Owners4,027,910
Home Renovation Moguls - High Income Real Estate Investors5,236,298
Master Absentee Owners of Real EstateCall for Count
Overseas Real Estate Investors399,908
Part-Time Real Estate Brokers1,501,767
Real Estate Agent and Broker Contacts1,515,044
Real Estate Agents and Realtors at HomeCall for Count
Real Estate Agents at Home AddressCall for Count
Real Estate Brokers at Home AddressCall for Count
Real Estate Business Opportunity Investors2,947,366
Real Estate Investment Property Owners EmailCall for Count
Real Estate Investment Seminar AttendeesCall for Count
Real Estate InvestorCall for Count

How our Consumer Database is Compiled. Also see our Business Database

Exact Data sources consumer data from a national database with approximately 242 million names, postal addresses, and telephone numbers, with approximately 700 selects, originating from over 2,000 different sources. Exact Data overlays its permission compliant, opt-in email address database from over 100 sources on that national database, to make what we believe is the best, most accurate and up to date multi-channel consumer database on the market. The database is compared to the USPS National Change of Address file every 60-days, and updated as necessary. And 15 to 20 million new email addresses are acquired each month, a rigorous, proprietary hygiene process is performed, and approximately 10%, or 1.5 to 2.0 million new email addresses, are appended to the national database.

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