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Rent postal, email, and phone lists of Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Protestants, Baptists, Southern Baptists, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Greek Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalians, Shinto, Sikh, etc. Further select by "income" for fundraising offers. Also see Members of the Clergy with Email Addresses as an example of employees at religious institutions.

View free samples of our different databases. Feel free to contact them to verify the accuracy of our lists. Use the search tool below and "go granular". Find the exact target for your marketing needs.

Active Catholic SubscribersCall for Count
Active Jewish Contributors3,528,180
Affiliated Jewish WomenCall for Count
Affluent JewishCall for Count
Affluent Jewish HouseholdsCall for Count
Affluent Jewish ParentsCall for Count
Affluent Jewish Women Donors96,066
Americans with Bosnian Muslim Surnames7,997
Americans with European Jewish Surnames1,803,384
Anti-Abortion Catholics30,556
Asian Jewish Mail Order Buyers1,626,983
Canadian Catholic Clergy8,096
Catalog and Mail Shopping - Jewish Mail Order Buyers18,924
Catholic American Households2,359,558
Catholic Believers in Abilene, Texas13,815

How our Consumer Database is Compiled. Also see our Business Database

Exact Data sources consumer data from a national database with approximately 242 million names, postal addresses, and telephone numbers, with approximately 700 selects, originating from over 2,000 different sources. Exact Data overlays its permission compliant, opt-in email address database from over 100 sources on that national database, to make what we believe is the best, most accurate and up to date multi-channel consumer database on the market. The database is compared to the USPS National Change of Address file every 60-days, and updated as necessary. And 15 to 20 million new email addresses are acquired each month, a rigorous, proprietary hygiene process is performed, and approximately 10%, or 1.5 to 2.0 million new email addresses, are appended to the national database.

Exact Data deploys email to portions of its database daily with client offers. Each email deployed is attributed to one of the following categories or "behaviors": Airline Travel, Alcohol, Apparel, Auction, Auto Comparison Sites, Auto Insurance, Automobile Loans, Automobile Offers/Deals/Coupons, Beauty, Business Opportunity Seekers, Business Travel, Cable/Internet Services, College, Computer Hardware Products, Computer Software Products, Computer Printer Products, Dating Services, Electronics, Entertainment, Fitness, Food, Gambling, Gift and Collectibles, Health Insurance, Home Business, Home Improvement, Hotel, Legal Services, Long Distance, Membership Clubs, Life Insurance, Membership CD/DVD/Books, Military, Pleasure/Vacation Travel, Research and Surveys, Sweepstakes/Premiums, Trade School, Weight Loss, Wellness, Wireless. When the email recipient opens or clicks on the email received, the time, date, and category/ "behavior" of the click are recorded real time back to the national database. This is how we are able to make available specific "behaviors", including our multi-clicker selects available on a 30, 60 or 90-day hotline, for email, postal or telephone. This is also how we know which data is most responsive.

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