Corporate Values

The success and industry leadership at Exact Data can be attributed to our corporate values—a set of principles which have evolved since our founding, and capture the spirit, philosophy and day-to-day business practices of our company.


The core of our business is the integrity of our data. Through leading technology and a comprehensive data hygiene and scoring process, we succeed in delivering the most accurate and continuously updated data available. Our managers and employees always act with the utmost integrity, and are guided by what is ethical and right for our clients and their customers.


We have great respect for individual privacy. We help consumers fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of their personal information. Exact Data is fully committed to maintaining keeping up to date with both local and federal guidelines with respect to the use and dissemination of consumer information.


Helping our clients achieve their goals is the key to our long-term success. We seek to build relationships based on trust, respect and mutual understanding. We understand and deliver on the fact that each client has unique product needs, service requirements and end goals. We offer unsurpassed service and support for each client, whether they are choosing to create an email marketing campaign or purchase postal data.


We are managed by the best and the brightest—and hire the same. Our team has extensive industry experience and functional expertise. Because of this, we consistently operate at a pace of high productivity. Further, we allow everyone at Exact Data to develop their career with opportunities for learning, growth and competitive rewards.


We seek aggressive growth and have achieved it to date through setting and exceeding performance goals. We maintain a lean, competitive and entrepreneurial culture. Our people are encouraged to speak up, take risks and challenge conventional wisdom.

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