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At Exact Data, we value our team-first, talent nurturing environment. Over the last 20 years we have created an atmosphere of well-trained, direct marketing and sales professionals committed to providing a great product and amazing customer service. We pride ourselves on offering highly competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits package and an opportunity for exponential career growth.

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What the Exact Data Team is Saying

What I enjoy most about working at Exact Data is the rapid growth potential.
Since starting with the company nearly 5 years ago, I have experienced massive personal growth in such a short period of time.
If you work hard and stay motivated, Exact Data will reward you.
I am motivated by the value data can add to any organization which pushes me to provide the best service on every call.
Data is an asset, and when used correctly can help clients reach their goals. Helping clients see and understand this value is what drives me.
As a VP of Training, I really enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working directly with new team members to support them to build the foundation they will need to succeed within the organization.
One thing we can all hope for in any professional position is to be constantly engaged and challenged. At Exact Data I am provided opportunities every day to learn, grow and excel professionally.
Every day I come to work ready to learn about different businesses and industries with the tools and resources to provide any business with a great quality marketing solution.
One of the best feelings in the world is the satisfaction of being able to help others become successful and prosper. I receive great comfort in watching my team members succeed after providing the knowledge and resources to do so.
I have been with Exact Data for over 2 years and in that time I have met amazing people, won a sales competition for a trip to Europe, and have been promoted. I am optimistic about my continued growth opportunities with the company.
I enjoy working with a group of individuals who push me towards new challenges and share a similar vision for the company.
I am excited to continue growing with the company up the corporate ladder. Upward mobility is always emphasized at Exact Data.

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