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Exact Data’s growth can be attributed to its clients’ successes. Our employees and stake holders share the common belief that putting the client first is smart business. Our corporate values include integrity, stewardship, education and entrepreneurship.


3 Ways to Strategize an Effective Email Marketing Plan

Building an effective marketing plan helps you grow your business in a strategic way (as we’re all wiping our brows trying to keep up with it all). When you own a business, you’re probably balancing a million plates in the air at once—but one thing you shouldn’t overlook? 

Simple Data Analytics Tips for Marketers and Business Owners

Data analytics. Sounds like something that just went over my head, you know? Truth is, learning how to understand and use data analytics to grow your business is an incredibly valuable asset to have at your disposal.

Top 2021 Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

Although 2020 was an extremely challenging year for many businesses, a new year is an opportunity to change things up and work to acquire new customers and retain current customers. Understanding marketing strategy trends for 2021 will help you make decisions, implement new ideas, and see results in...

How to Improve ROI With Data Hygiene Best Practices

What is Data Hygiene & Why Does It Matter?  Data hygiene is the ongoing practice of removing bad data, including any information that contains errors and standardizing data for postal discounts. If information is outdated, duplicated, or incorrect, it needs to be removed and updated. This ...

The Advantages of a High Converting Landing Page

Creating a high converting landing page doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. In this post, we’ll cover what a landing page is and why you need one, the benefits of a strong landing page, and the winning elements of an effective landing page.

Happy Holidays From The Exact Data Team

As the holiday season approaches, our team at Exact Data would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for trusting us with your business. During a time when many businesses have faced financial struggles, it is our sincere wish that Exact Data has lifted some burden to help you make ...