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Exact Data’s growth can be attributed to its clients’ successes. Our employees and stake holders share the common belief that putting the client first is smart business. Our corporate values include integrity, stewardship, education and entrepreneurship.


Why Your Business Needs an Effective Marketing Strategy Now More Than Ever

During the past few months, small businesses have been hit hard by the effects of the COVID pandemic. Many were forced to shut their doors for months without a way of bringing in revenue. Even now that most have been able to reopen, business is slow as customers cautiously start to make their way ba...

7 Practical Tips to Create a Powerful Email Subject Line

If you’re ready to take action and improve your email marketing efforts you’re off to a great start! The question you might be asking is, now what? Before you can start sending out new email campaigns, it’s essential to refine your subject line to make sure that you capture the reader’s atte...

4 Effective Ways to Reach Your Customers In Uncertain Times

During the past few months, it’s been especially difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to stay connected to their customers and find new prospects. Many have been unexpectedly shut down for an extended period and are now just getting back on their feet. We’re sharing the most effective...

Exact Data: A Culture of Excellent Results & Team Development

Over the last 20 years, Exact Data has built a strong company culture based on a commitment to team development, passion for our product, and customer successes. We pride ourselves on offering technology-enabled solutions, to further enhance our clients’ experiences.

The Benefits of Using Video in Email Marketing

Videos are more popular than ever, whether on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites. What not everyone realizes is that videos are also extremely effective for email marketing. It's now possible to embed videos right in your emails, a tactic that can increase engagement and make your e...

Benefits of a Multi-Touch Marketing Campaign

Marketing strategies vary from company to company but the objective is always the same: to establish a relationship with your customers in an effort to increase clientele. One way to accomplish this is through multi-touch marketing.