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Exact Data’s growth can be attributed to its clients’ successes. Our employees and stake holders share the common belief that putting the client first is smart business. Our corporate values include integrity, stewardship, education and entrepreneurship.


How to Improve ROI With Data Hygiene Best Practices

What is Data Hygiene & Why Does It Matter?  Data hygiene is the ongoing practice of removing bad data, including any information that contains errors and standardizing data for postal discounts. If information is outdated, duplicated, or incorrect, it needs to be removed and updated. This ...

How to Measure Email Marketing Success With Metrics and KPIs

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your customers. You’re able to communicate directly with customers (and potential customers) and create a positive connection. Today, we’re sharing all of the email marketing metrics you need to know along with the KPIs (key perfor...