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14 August 2020

The Best Practices Of Email Marketing: 2020 Edition

If you've been less than impressed with your previous email campaign results, you may be feeling a bit discouraged. You've spent time, energy, and company resources to send these out and want to make sure you see optimal results. To prepare for your upcoming email campaign and make sure that it exceeds your expectations, you can do a few things to ensure success, increase open rates, and secure new customers in no time. 


Know Your Audience

Anytime you send out an email for your business, whether you've acquired a new targeted list of potential customers or are reaching out to current customers, make sure that you're taking the time to align your message with their values, goals, and purchase habits. Keep your email's tone in line with your target audience, so they feel like you're reaching out to them on an individual level. If they don't feel valued, they'll skip right over your email and move on to the next. However, when you provide genuine value and show prospects how your products or services can help make their lives easier, you'll pique their interest and encourage them to open the email. 


Create a Call To Action


If you want your readers to do something, you need to provide them with simple yet powerful instruction. Clearly state your call to action, so they have no question what the email is about or what you want them to do. Within each email that you send out, take the time to show each individual that your company has value to them and why they should take action now. 


Craft a Powerful Subject Line 

When you send out an email campaign, the first thing that someone will see is the subject line. That means that it needs to be compelling enough to get the reader to open it. Ensure that the most important words are at the front, you've incorporated your call to action in the subject line and create a sense of urgency. Show them that they're missing out if they don't check out your latest product, take advantage of your current promotion, or catch up on your company newsletter. 


Strategize Your Frequency

There is no secret formula for how often you should communicate with your email list. Depending on your message, especially if there is a promotion end or deadline associated with your communication, one may choose to send emails weekly. If not, a good rule of thumb is to start by sending out emails 2-4 times a month, especially if you have a newly acquired list. You may start with an informative welcome email, followed with bi-weekly check-ins, and keep them informed on upcoming promos, company updates, and more. The goal is to find a balance between staying top of mind while avoiding reaching out too often. 


Provide Value For Your Readers


The most important part about reaching out to new customers is to make sure that you provide them with value. Every single email should provide something that will help make their lives a bit easier. Whether you send them tips, recommendations, a discount code, or link to a new product, it should be something that will help them solve a problem and make their life better. 

If you're eager to see success in your upcoming email campaign, follow these best practices to help you increase your open rate and grow your business. If you're on the search for targeted leads and reaching your ideal audience, Exact Data can help! We source consumer data from a national database with approximately 242 million email records, postal addresses, and telephone numbers paired with all of the technology and tools to search for your ideal audience in real-time. The technology available to market via email and postal puts you in the driver's seat when it applies to who you want to reach and where you want to reach them.


For nearly 20 years, the experts at Exact Data have provided exceptional service and quality data that you've come to expect and trust. Contact us today and learn how you can effectively acquire new customers with highly targeted email, postal, and phone lists. We look forward to helping you grow your business!