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While our product is data, our strength is technology. Resellers and end users access our systems 24/7, receive recommendations, count the databases and fulfill orders real time.

New User Enhancements

Exact Data provides up-to-date information on recent company news. If you would like more information about Exact Data, see our latest articles below:

30 June 2020

June User Enhancements

In the month of June, Exact Data has made exciting and relevant updates that can ensure a seamless experience for our customers as it relates to all direct marketing needs. Exact Data prides ourselves in providing outstanding technology coupled with quality of service to warrant success for our cust...

25 May 2020

May User Enhancements

Exact Data is consistently updating and improving our interface to simplify the user's experience. Stay in touch for our monthly relevant updates that can ensure our users are efficiently searching for the ideal target audience for all their direct marketing needs. &n...