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18 August 2020

August Announcement: Welcome Mid-Market Sales Team

Exact Data is pleased to announce the launch of its mid-market sales team. We will provide the same successful tools used within the SMB market to best serve our mid-market clientele. We’ve brought together a group of experienced data industry experts to work directly with mid-market companies to take a consultative approach by providing data-based solutions to meet their clients’ objectives.

The team consists of Senior Vice President of Data Licensing, John Longobardo, with 20 years of industry experience working closely with the largest data compilers in the US, Senior Account Manager, Chris McDonald, who has spent the last 22 years helping clients improve marketing efforts through the use of data and technology, and SVP, Enterprise Sales, Chuck Taylor, has spent 21 years helping businesses develop and execute creative data solutions. Together they will use their collective expertise in the data industry to best serve their mid-market clients.

Mid-Market Client Strategy  

The mid-market sales team will take a consultative approach with clients in accurately reviewing their current data assets, identifying gaps, and improving their data quality. They will focus on building relationships with data compilers, advertising agencies, mid-sized companies with marketing professionals, and data brokers. As we expand our existing client base, we will help our team improve existing products and develop new solutions that will help our clients grow and secure additional revenue.

Can your business benefit from the support of our Mid-Markets Team? Contact John Longobardo today to learn more.