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27 July 2020

July User Enhancements

July brought us some very important updates that follows through with our promise to remain a powerful solution for all of our customer’s direct marketing needs. In addition to providing an experience that is easy and user friendly, you can expect exceptional customer service to complement our technology! Continue reading for our new July developments. 



  • There is now a new feature called “Not Ready to Buy” that appears on the Exact Data homepage. Once the “geography” targets are selected this feature will appear and you should select the “register” option. This will automate a quote directly to you with a time-sensitive discount code. Take advantage of these savings!
  • We have also launched a “suggestion engine” to assist in finding your targeted leads. For example, if the occupation is “life insurance,” the best leads would be “recently pregnant’ from my ZIP Code or city. You will enter the specific occupation, and the program will suggest selects for you. This new “suggestion engine” is setting you up for success at its best.
  • For less experienced users to assist you in being a whiz at navigating the Exact Data site and finding your targeted leads, you will now have the ability select leads by “Field” or “Occupation” from the home page of From there, a popup will appear with a dropdown, listing the most popular fields and occupations. Once the option is selected, pre-programmed selects will populate for you in real-time.
    • Please note this new service is available to only B2C data at this time. B2B COMING SOON!


Exact Data sources consumer data from a national database with approximately 242 million email records, postal addresses and telephone numbers paired with all of the technology and tools to search for your ideal audience in real-time. These records are updated frequently to ensure the optimal deliverability of your marketing message. The technology available to market via email and postal puts you in the driver’s seat when it applies to who you want to reach and where you want to reach them.


Contact Exact Data today and learn how you can acquire new customers cost-effectively with highly targeted email, postal and phone lists. For nearly 20 years, the experts at Exact Data provide the service and data you can expect and trust.