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14 March 2018

Exact Data Remodels Chicago Office Space

CHICAGO, IL – During the past several months, Exact Data’s corporate headquarters in Chicago, IL underwent a major renovation project to convert the space into an updated, modern office environment. Responding to major growth within the sales team, plans to expand the work space were put in motion starting in August 2017. An interior decorator helped in the process to ensure the design reflects the company’s brand and culture.

The new space will help enhance teamwork and collaboration with the open floor plan and relaxed sitting areas. “We’re extremely proud of our headquarters here in Chicago,” said CEO, Larry Organ. “Our goal was to modernize the office by featuring a sleek design and comfortable work space for our employees.” Exact Data executives understand the importance of investing in a workplace that employees can take pride in and look forward to spending time at each day.

The floorplan was reconfigured to increase the number of work spaces to accommodate the expanding sales team. Custom light fixtures were added in the front hallway while the lobby boasts a fresh, contemporary look with new furniture, flooring and paint colors. Additionally, the new space features a fully equipped bar, perfect for the frequent company happy hours and celebrations. The updated social lounge and community meeting areas promote a comfortable, fun work environment for employees.

Renovation plans will continue into the gaming area in hopes of fostering employee engagement and productivity. The office modernization has encouraged a positive, inclusive culture among staff members resulting in an improved customer experience. Exact Data serves thousands of businesses around the globe by providing marketing data solutions.

Remodeled LobbyRemodeled BarRemodeled Bar TapRemodeled Hall Lights