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Donors And Contributors Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
A Penny for Your Thoughts - Charitable Contributors By Income Level3,797,495$0.1809/13/2019
Active Jewish Contributors3,528,180$0.0909/15/2019
Affluent And Generous Charitable Cause Donors676,651$0.2009/08/2019
Affluent Democratic Donors3,020,631$0.2009/14/2019
Affluent Jewish Women Donors96,066$0.0809/14/2019
Affluent Republican Donors1,614,675$0.0809/10/2019
African American Charity Donors17,051,697$0.0809/13/2019
African American Contributors to Charities3,385,181$0.0809/07/2019
African American Mail Order Donors179,446$0.0809/07/2019
An Appreciation for the Arts - Cultural Contributors And Donors954,954$0.1809/13/2019
Animal Charity Donors149,224$0.0809/15/2019
Animal Rights Activists and Donors730,298$0.0809/12/2019
Animal Rights Donors1,164,870$0.0809/15/2019
Animal Welfare and Rescue Donors878,830$0.0809/06/2019
Animal Welfare Organization Donors1,448,114$0.1309/14/2019
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