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Donors to Charity

Below is a free charity mailing list sample from Exact Data's consumer database. Our Charity mailing list ensures a successful way for marketers looking to connect with new customers who have made donations in the past and are interested in charities, fundraising, attending galas, and more.Exact Data gives marketers a way to search for and narrow down a targeted audience. By looking through our list, you will find we offer an extensive amount of data, including names, addresses, email, postal, and other vital information.If you are interested in purchasing a full charity-related mailing list, please call (877) 440-3282 or email us at

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First Name Last Name Phone Number Email Address Address
Les Aaberg Available Health
Judy Aaby Available Health
Steven Aabye Available Animal Welfare
Randall Aach Available Political
Sylvia Aadalen Available Children
Yvette Aadil Available Health
Elizabeth Aadland Available Health
Dennis Aadnesen Available Political
Nancy Aaen Available Political
Kari Aaeng Available Health
Andrew Aaenson Available Children
Richard Aafedt Available Health
John Aagaard Available Political
Konnie Aagard Available Animal Welfare
Edward Aagesen Available Animal Welfare
Abigail Aaholm Available Political
Ranae Aaker Available Animal Welfare
Robert Aakhus Available Children
Christine Aakjar Available Arts
Barbara Aakre Available Animal Welfare
Mark Aaland Available Political
Esther Aalbers Available Health
Joan Aalberts Available Animal Welfare
Joan Aalbregtse Available Animal Welfare
Marc Aalderink Available Animal Welfare
Debbie Aalgaard Available Political
Sandra Aalseth Available Veteran Support
Wesley Aalsma Available Children
Kimberly Aalto Available Health
Mark Aalyson Available Health
Jeffrey Aamodt Available Animal Welfare
Tamara Aamold Available Political
Ben Aamot Available Children
Lucia Aandahl Available Political
Karen Aanderud Available Animal Welfare
Michele Aanensen Available Religious
Jennifer Aanenson Available Children
Rod Aanerud Available Political
Sherry Aanes Available Animal Welfare
Kaesa Aanestad Available Children
Mardee Aanonsen Available Animal Welfare
Jane Aanrud Available Animal Welfare
Cynthia Aarab Available Political
Manizheh Aarabi Available Political
Inal Aaraj Available Political
Troy Aarbo Available Health
Cheri Aardema Available Political
Jolene Aardsma Available Health
Steven Aaredema Available Animal Welfare
Karen Aarestad Available Political
Debbie Aarhus Available AID
Teresa Aarikson Available Health
Tonya Aarli Available Political
Wayne Aarnes Available Animal Welfare
Daniel Aaro Available Political
Sonia Aaroe Available Political
Melody Aaron Available Animal Welfare
Sheila Aaronian Available Political
Sarah Aarons Available Children
Crystal Aaronsen Available Animal Welfare
Alan Aaronson Available Arts
Dana Aarre Available Political
Diane Aarseth Available Animal Welfare
Lance Aarstad Available Health
Linda Aarthun Available Children
Richard Aarts Available Political
Julie Aarum Available Animal Welfare
Edward Aarvig Available Political
Anita Aarvold Available Children
Matthew Aas Available Veteran Support
Rune Aasa Available Animal Welfare
Connie Aasand Available Children
April Aase Available Animal Welfare
Bruce Aaseby Available Health
Susan Aasen Available Political
Elizabeth Aaser Available Political
Marlene Aasheim Available Animal Welfare
Jacki Aaskov Available Health
Vickie Aasland Available Religious
Wayne Aavang Available Political
Carlos Aavedra Available Political
Albert Ab Available Health
Tamar Aba Available Health
Aurora Abaan Available Political
Grely Ababat Available Children
Felicia Ababio Available Political
Etta Abaca Available Health
Sue Abacherli Available Political
Darren Abad Available Political
Erna Abadam Available Veteran Support
Douglas Abade Available Political
Donya Abadeh Available Animal Welfare
Harry Abadi Available Political
Miguel Abadia Available Political
Christopher Abadiano Available Political
David Abadie Available Children
Cristina Abadilla Available Political
Moses Abadjivor Available Political
Cindy Abahazi Available Health
Maria Abaigar Available Political