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Grow Your Business with Trigger Leads

My name is John White, I hold both a General Agent's and an LHVA license in the state of Florida. I've outsmarted agents half my age using trigger data to generate sales. In fact, it performed so well, I went to work for the company that sold it to me, to show other life insurance agents how to be successful. It's simple - purchase a list of newlyweds, new parents and recent home buyers within 5 miles of your ZIP code, and send a postcard offering life insurance. No gimmicks, a certain percent will respond, and a certain percent of the responders will convert. Big data makes this easy.

John White License: NPN-9633740

Life insurance trigger leads

When a potential life insurance client raises his or her hand to get a quote, chances are they’re comparison shopping, so hot "single use" leads are probably being bombarded by other agents as well. Our philosophy at Exact Data is to approach potential clients before they express interest. Certain life events (recent marriage, birth of a child, and new home purchase) are triggers that make us think about protecting our loved ones. Call them or send them a postcard. Congratulate them on their life event, and offer your services. It’s a scalable numbers game.

How it works

There are two ways to test Life Insurance Trigger leads. You can try our online DataWidget to count newlyweds, new parents and/or recent home buyers in your area, or, enter your ZIP code below to see a count, and samples of how many newlyweds, new parents and recent home buyers are within 5 miles of your ZIP code. When you purchase leads from Exact Data, you get name, address, city, state, and ZIP code.

Exact Data Testimonials

“Exact Data is very quick and professional. The division manager worked directly with us to ensure our needs were met"

I have used many data companies to find lists of absentee/vacant property owners, and Exact Data is the only one that has worked so far! My account rep is Senior VP Johanna Kotyuk, and she is an expert in her field. She answered all my questions and helped put together a quality list for me to try out. And the leads turned out to be fantastic! I will only use Exact Data from here on out. Thanks Johanna!

Exact Data has been more than helpful in providing us the right leads for two separate industries! I would recommend them to anyone looking to get their hands on targeted cold leads.