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Affluent Mailing Lists

Real Estate Brokers and Affluent Investors

Last year real estate investors bought 30% of all existing home listings, even though real estate investors represent just a fraction of the US population, according to the National Association of Realtors. The real estate brokers and affluent investors market segment is comprised of highly responsive wealthy individuals who invest in bonds, stocks, real state, and the like to build their net worth.

Direct your communication efforts toward this group of wealthy individuals and obtain valuable customer relationships. Get in touch with qualified leads by narrowing down your list using dozens of selects including:

  • Income
  • Age
  • Geography
  • Net worth
  • Home value
  • And more!

The investors in our database are great prospects for acquiring large purchases, new venture funding, and more. The affluent investor contacts come from a variety of industries. The real estate brokers and affluent investors list is ideal for businesses looking to offer new opportunities to consumers with investing power. Some examples of popular types of businesses seeking these lists include:

  • Franchisers
  • Financial services
  • Venture capital companies
  • Business brokers
  • Real estate
  • Art dealers & galleries

The market for luxury real estate is strong and growing. Reach the specific group of real estate brokers and investors you wish to market to by purchasing our highly targeted leads.

Ready to get started? Contact our marketing experts at 877.440.3282 to learn more and buy your customized real estate brokers and affluent investors list today.

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Affluent Catholic Investors By State5,238$0.1310/13/2019
Affluent Country Club Members12,717$0.1310/17/2019
Affluent Computer Owners13,297$0.0810/20/2019
Affluent Social Club Members14,653$0.1910/17/2019
Affluent Moral Topics Readers54,075$0.1510/13/2019
Affluent Jewish Women Donors96,066$0.0810/21/2019
Ultra Affluent Investors142,993$0.1810/20/2019
Ultra Affluent Database148,830$0.1810/15/2019
Living the Good Life - African American Affluent150,279$0.1910/19/2019
Affluent Home Seekers168,137$0.1310/20/2019
Brand name Backpacks - High School Students From Affluent Neighborhoods240,946$0.1910/21/2019
The Rich and Famous - Top 50 Affluent Zip Codes336,607$0.1810/15/2019
Affluent Investors615,176$0.0810/15/2019
Affluent And Generous Charitable Cause Donors676,651$0.2010/20/2019
Affluent Midwestern Residents783,699$0.0810/19/2019
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