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Betrothed Brides and GroomsCall for Count
Brides and Grooms To Be388,290
Brides To Be Catalog BuyersCall for Count
Brides To Be In Affluent NeighborhoodsCall for Count
Brides To Be Masterfile Catalog Buyers and RequesTorsCall for Count
Brides-To-Be Email FileCall for Count
Engaged Brides and Grooms-To-BeCall for Count
New Engagements, Brides To Be - First MarriagesCall for Count
Newly Engaged Brides and Grooms To BeCall for Count
Newly Engaged Brides To Be384,508
Newly Engaged Brides To Be! (New Brides, New Engagements, Weddings)Call for Count
Newlyweds and Brides To Be!Call for Count
Soon To Be Brides8,266,260
Wedding - Brides To Be RequestersCall for Count
50 and Beyond SeniorsCall for Count
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