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College Students Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
College Students PostalCall for CountCall for Price01/22/2019
College Students SMS Text Message List With EmailCall for CountCall for Price01/19/2019
College Students with Behavioral DataCall for CountCall for Price01/16/2019
College Students, Recent Graduates and AlumniCall for CountCall for Price01/15/2019
College Students' Home And School Addresses2,314,588$ 190.00 / M01/23/2019
College-Bound Students at Home546,396$ 80.00 / M01/19/2019
Current College Students216,633$ 200.00 / M01/21/2019
Leaving the Nest - College Bound High School Students2,287,158$ 180.00 / M01/23/2019
Living with the Parents - US College Students at Home Addresses255,251$ 180.00 / M01/22/2019
Media and Marketing College StudentsCall for CountCall for Price01/23/2019
Parents of College Bound Students @ EmailCall for CountCall for Price01/20/2019
Parents of High School and College Students/Postal and Email AddressesCall for CountCall for Price01/22/2019
Parents of New College Students1,491,183$ 80.00 / M01/24/2019
Prospective College StudentsCall for CountCall for Price01/21/2019
Young College Students By State1,259,114$ 115.00 / M01/15/2019
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