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Credit Card Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Credit Card Protection BuyersCall for CountCall for Price01/09/2019
Credit Card Turn DownsCall for CountCall for Price01/07/2019
Credit Card TurndownsCall for CountCall for Price01/10/2019
Credit Card Turndowns By State5,705,090$ 80.00 / M01/16/2019
Credit Card User Master File18,726,628$ 80.00 / M01/13/2019
Credit Card UsersCall for CountCall for Price01/12/2019
Credit Card Users at Home (Highly Selectable)Call for CountCall for Price01/13/2019
Credit Card Users By State40,375,060$ 115.00 / M01/12/2019
Debt Relief Credit Card Holders3,702,179$ 110.00 / M01/11/2019
Endless Lines of Credit - Credit Card Purchasers186,685$ 200.00 / M01/10/2019
Female Credit Card BuyersCall for CountCall for Price01/07/2019
Financial Debtors - Finance Loan Credit Card Holders81,544,421$ 175.00 / M01/16/2019
First Time Credit Card Users3,438,309$ 80.00 / M01/14/2019
Frequent Flyer Credit Card AcceptorsCall for CountCall for Price01/10/2019
Gold and Platinum Credit Card Holders16,121,614$ 190.00 / M01/10/2019
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