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Mailing lists with "Credit Score" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Single credit Card Holders38,240,007$0.2008/04/2020
Consumers with Good credit15,397,226$0.2008/04/2020
African American credit Card Users7,017,391$0.0808/04/2020
credit Card Holders By State14,902,940$0.1208/03/2020
credit Repair Responders5,705,944$0.0808/03/2020
Bad credit scores - credit Repair Responders286,057$0.1808/03/2020
No Collateral - Unsecured credit Seekers33,314,924$0.2008/03/2020
Active Shoppers Who Use credit Cards6,425,330$0.1208/03/2020
Outdoor Enthusiasts credit Card Holders1,839,500$0.1208/03/2020
Casino Gamblers with High credit Ratings in Missouri126,157$0.1808/03/2020
Casino Gamblers with High credit Ratings in Nevada56,746$0.1808/03/2020
Charge It! - TV Infomercial credit Card Shoppers25,328,084$0.1808/03/2020
credit Card Services2,225$0.3508/03/2020
SIC Code 61 - Nondepository credit Institutions335,154$0.1008/03/2020
NAICS Code 522130 credit Unions 15,316$0.1008/03/2020
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