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"Department Store" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Bait and Tackle Retail Stores5,593$0.3005/10/2022
Baked Goods Stores in California2,887$0.3005/12/2022
Bath Accessories Stores1,158$0.3505/16/2022
Bathroom Fixtures, Equipment and Supplies Stores1,089$0.3505/15/2022
Beds and Accessories Stores9,762$0.3005/10/2022
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores in California5,053$0.3005/09/2022
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores in New York2,561$0.3005/15/2022
Beverage Stores10,933$0.3005/09/2022
Bicycle and Bicycle Parts Stores8,047$0.3005/11/2022
Bizarre Book Stores (Gags, Toys, Novelties etc.)14,705$0.3005/12/2022
Board Games Retail Stores1,083$0.3505/13/2022
Book Stores32,279$0.3005/10/2022
Book Stores Across the United States21,720$0.3005/16/2022
Bottled Propane Gas Stores5,136$0.3505/18/2022
Bowling Equipment and Supplies Stores783$0.3005/15/2022
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