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Mailing lists with "High Income" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
high School Teacher> 100,000$0.1009/19/2020
Elementary, Middle, and high School Principal> 100,000$0.1009/16/2020
high Point Mailing List104$0.1009/21/2020
high Hill Mailing List195$0.1009/23/2020
highland Park Mailing List230$0.1009/23/2020
highland Mailing List254$0.1009/19/2020
highland Lake Mailing List412$0.1009/18/2020
highland Haven Mailing List431$0.1009/17/2020
The high Society and A-List of NYC and Beverly Hills520$0.2009/20/2020
highfill Mailing List583$0.1009/18/2020
North high Shoals Mailing List652$0.1009/24/2020
high Shoals Mailing List696$0.1009/16/2020
highmore Mailing List795$0.1009/21/2020
highland Mailing List842$0.1009/19/2020
highlandville Mailing List911$0.1009/22/2020
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