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Mailing lists with "Home Loan" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Retired Seniors at home64,251,287$0.2005/29/2020
Households by Year home Built60,242,116$0.0806/05/2020
homeowners by Square Footage58,996,973$0.1905/29/2020
Southern home and Food Related Magazine Readers58,580,664$0.2005/30/2020
Consumers with home Mortgages58,435,097$0.1806/02/2020
homeowners Across the US55,234,049$0.1106/04/2020
homeowners Making Monthly Payments53,180,668$0.2005/30/2020
homeowners and Purchasers52,505,308$0.2006/02/2020
Timeshares! - Vacation home Property Owners50,267,473$0.2005/29/2020
Beach homes Galore - Vacation home48,789,018$0.1806/02/2020
Geeky home Owners48,012,122$0.2006/04/2020
homeowner Database45,993,228$0.1305/28/2020
homeowners By Location41,775,341$0.0806/02/2020
Wealthy homeowners By Income Range41,367,900$0.1106/06/2020
home Insurance Responders By State36,782,082$0.1406/02/2020
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