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Jewelry Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Jewelry Buyers8,495,397$ 80.00 / M01/15/2019
Jewelry Sweepstakes EntrantsCall for CountCall for Price01/16/2019
Fine Jewelry PurchasersCall for CountCall for Price01/17/2019
High-End Jewelry, Watch, and Accessories Buyers206,698$ 80.00 / M01/18/2019
Expensive Jewelry Mail Order BuyersCall for CountCall for Price01/18/2019
Put a Ring on It - High Income Jewelry Buyers5,547,257$ 150.00 / M01/19/2019
Jewelry, Beauty, and Fashion BuyersCall for CountCall for Price01/19/2019
Jewelry, Handbags, Purses, Fashion Accessories, Body Jewelry Customer ListCall for CountCall for Price01/19/2019
Buyers of Jewelry, Handbags, Purses, Fashion Acc, Body Jewelry CustomerCall for CountCall for Price01/20/2019
Affluent Jewelry BuyersCall for CountCall for Price01/20/2019
Jewelry BuyerCall for CountCall for Price01/20/2019
Jewelry Making Individuals922,322$ 110.00 / M01/20/2019
Fashion Savvy - Trendy Women's Apparel, Jewelry and Shoes Catalog Buyers53,727,098$ 200.00 / M01/20/2019
Handmade Jewelry Crafters2,857$ 135.00 / M01/20/2019
Fine Jewelry CollectorsCall for CountCall for Price01/21/2019
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