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Mailing lists with "Lifestyle Wealth" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Young wealthy Adults 18-352,759,212$0.1806/26/2020
Woodcrafts! - wealthy Woodworking Enthusiasts1,054,729$0.2007/03/2020
Western lifestyle Related Magazine Subscribers1,745,273$0.1106/25/2020
wealthy Woodsmen - Affluent Hunters By State And Income19,170,047$0.1106/28/2020
wealthy Women's Petite Apparel Buyers371,154$0.2006/28/2020
wealthy Women's Apparel Buyers15,719,811$0.2006/29/2020
wealthy Widow Philanthropists92,775$0.1806/28/2020
wealthy Stock Market Investors1,722,300$0.2007/02/2020
wealthy Stock Investors40,925$0.1106/30/2020
wealthy Snow Skiing Enthusiasts3,973,467$0.1906/26/2020
wealthy Singles By Location3,167,549$0.1206/28/2020
wealthy Single Parent Families13,973,398$0.2007/03/2020
wealthy Self Improvement Enthusiasts9,748,047$0.1906/28/2020
wealthy Scuba Diving Enthusiasts647,406$0.1806/27/2020
wealthy Renters By State911,488$0.1306/28/2020
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