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According to the Census Bureau, median rent has doubled in the past 20 years and monthly payments even when adjusted for inflation are the highest they’ve been in 30 years. In many parts of the country, rent increases have far outpaced the increase in home prices. Target new and current homeowners while the housing market is making a shift.

With the new drop in rates on 30-year fixed mortgages, many homeowners are making plans to refinance. Capture this profitable market during this small window of transition within the mortgage industry and achieve high returns.

Improve the quality of your mortgage leads with our highly targeted lists and close more loans. Our mortgage mailing lists provide you with prospects looking for home equity loans, refinancing, insurance offers, second mortgages, reverse mortgages, debt consolidation and other mortgage related services. Discover potential mortgage or refinance seekers by narrowing your list using dozens of selects such as:

  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Length of residence
  • Income
  • Home expiration date/loan month
  • Dwelling type
  • And more!

Maximizing the return on investment of your mortgage leads is always essential, but never more so than in a challenging economic environment. Now you can increase your margins and gain substantial market share by targeting only the types of mortgage leads you need. Our mortgage lists are perfect for companies that market their services to new homeowners or refinancing candidates. Some examples of popular types of businesses seeking these lists include:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Real estate investors
  • Loan officers
  • Credit unions

Once you purchase a targeted mortgage mailing list, you are one step closer to acquiring lucrative customers. Direct your marketing efforts toward the specific mortgage prospects you wish to market to.

Ready to get started? Check ou the example audience and call our marketing experts at 877.440.3282 to learn more and buy your customized list today.

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Adjustable Rate Mortgage HoldersCall for CountCall for Price12/12/2018
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders by StateCall for CountCall for Price12/10/2018
American Mortgage Data By Loan TypeCall for CountCall for Price12/10/2018
American Mortgage ForeclosuresCall for CountCall for Price12/14/2018
ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage SeekersCall for CountCall for Price12/18/2018
Consumers by Mortgage InformationCall for CountCall for Price12/15/2018
Consumers with Home Mortgages58,435,097$ 180.00 / M12/11/2018
Credit Scored Mortgage DatabaseCall for CountCall for Price12/18/2018
Enhanced Mortgage HoldersCall for CountCall for Price12/11/2018
Fixed Loan Mortgage Refi ProspectsCall for CountCall for Price12/18/2018
Home Loans - US Mortgage Holders85,268,725$ 185.00 / M12/17/2018
Late Mortgage PayersCall for CountCall for Price12/09/2018
Mortgage DelinquenciesCall for CountCall for Price12/15/2018
Mortgage DeluxeCall for CountCall for Price12/13/2018
Mortgage Holders1,072,140$ 80.00 / M12/13/2018
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