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Mailing lists with "New Mover" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
new Home, new Life - Six Month new mover Hotline16,145$0.1905/30/2020
new movers in new York, new York3,427$0.1706/01/2020
new Beginnings - new movers4,950,226$0.1506/01/2020
new Mortgages (New mover)5,156,485$0.1506/04/2020
new movers in Brooklyn, new York3,827$0.1706/02/2020
new movers in new York66,795$0.1706/02/2020
new Neighbors - new movers6,982,504$0.1806/03/2020
new and Frequent movers586,952$0.1905/30/2020
new movers - Long Distance621,599$0.0806/01/2020
new movers - Short Distance474,627$0.0806/04/2020
new movers (Updated Daily)7,575,000$0.0805/30/2020
new movers Across the US6,713,946$0.1805/30/2020
new movers Hotlist5,775,656$0.1905/30/2020
new movers in Alabama19,538$0.1706/04/2020
new movers in Atlanta, Georgia4,171$0.1706/05/2020
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