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Mailing lists with "New Mover" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
new movers in Orlando, Florida3,730$0.1707/02/2020
new movers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania6,374$0.1706/27/2020
new movers in Phoenix, Arizona5,140$0.1706/26/2020
new movers in Portland, Oregon3,410$0.1707/02/2020
new movers in San Diego, California3,691$0.1706/29/2020
new movers in Seattle, Washington3,351$0.1706/25/2020
new movers in Tucson, Arizona3,475$0.1707/04/2020
new movers in Utah12,247$0.1706/28/2020
new Age Exercise - USA Yoga Enthusiasts28,658,968$0.1906/29/2020
new Age, Astrology and Zodiac Enthusiasts110,428$0.0807/03/2020
new Albany Mailing List356$0.1006/29/2020
new Albin Mailing List522$0.1007/03/2020
new Alexandria Mailing List272$0.1006/30/2020
new Alexandria Mailing List560$0.1006/30/2020
new and Frequent movers586,952$0.1906/27/2020
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