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Mailing lists with "New Mover" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Reporters Correspondent and Broadcast news Analyst> 100,000$0.1006/03/2020
newburg Mailing List110$0.1006/03/2020
new Trier Mailing List112$0.1006/06/2020
newfane Mailing List118$0.1006/05/2020
new Cambria Mailing List126$0.1006/02/2020
new Haven Mailing List129$0.1006/05/2020
new Buffalo Mailing List129$0.1006/03/2020
new Woodville Mailing List132$0.1006/05/2020
new Centerville Mailing List133$0.1006/01/2020
new Weston Mailing List136$0.1005/30/2020
new Salem Mailing List137$0.1005/28/2020
new Liberty Mailing List137$0.1006/05/2020
new Castle Mailing List153$0.1005/28/2020
newport news Mailing List180$0.1005/30/2020
new Baltimore Mailing List180$0.1006/05/2020
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