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TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
Asian Households in New York244,962$ 80.00 / M12/11/2018
Asian Students in New York by Education Level244,962$ 120.00 / M12/16/2018
Asthma Sufferers in Bronx, New York5,379$ 440.00 / M12/10/2018
Asthma Sufferers in Buffalo, New York5,917$ 440.00 / M12/14/2018
Asthma Sufferers in New York, New York10,280$ 440.00 / M12/14/2018
Auction Hunters, Pickers, and Antique Collectors in New York2,705,780$ 110.00 / M12/16/2018
Auto Drivers by Make and Model: Chrysler New Yorker7,181$ 120.00 / M12/12/2018
Baby Food Offer Responders in Valley Stream, New York3,435$ 135.00 / M12/17/2018
Baby Food Offer Responders in White Plains, New York3,274$ 135.00 / M12/17/2018
Back Pain Sufferers in Bronx, New York4,292$ 440.00 / M12/18/2018
Back Pain Sufferers in Buffalo, New York7,125$ 440.00 / M12/15/2018
Back Pain Sufferers in New York131,443$ 440.00 / M12/13/2018
Back Pain Sufferers in New York, New York3,534$ 440.00 / M12/19/2018
Back Pain Sufferers in Staten Island, New York3,492$ 440.00 / M12/19/2018
Bankrupt Consumers in Buffalo, New York40,396$ 345.00 / M12/11/2018
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