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Mailing lists with "Non Profit Businesses" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
businesses in Binghamton, New York3,930$0.1107/07/2020
businesses in Birmingham, Alabama36,708$0.1107/07/2020
businesses in Bismarck, North Dakota6,007$0.1107/11/2020
businesses in Bloomfield, New Jersey2,544$0.1107/12/2020
businesses in Bossier City, Louisiana4,963$0.1107/10/2020
businesses in Boston, Massachusetts22,615$0.1107/04/2020
businesses in Boulder, Colorado13,544$0.1107/13/2020
businesses in Brentwood, Tennessee5,249$0.1107/10/2020
businesses in Brick, New Jersey3,927$0.1107/10/2020
businesses in Brighton, Colorado4,223$0.1107/05/2020
businesses in Bristol, Connecticut3,063$0.1107/12/2020
businesses in Brockton, Massachusetts3,921$0.1107/10/2020
businesses in Bronx, New York34,154$0.1107/10/2020
businesses in Brookfield, Wisconsin4,526$0.1107/09/2020
businesses in Brooklyn, New York100,911$0.1107/12/2020
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