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"Part Time Job Seeker" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Active job Opportunists3,083,043$0.1211/25/2020
Active job Opportunity seekers5,136,357$0.0811/28/2020
Affluent Home seekers168,137$0.1311/24/2020
Aircraft and parts Wholesalers1,499$0.3511/23/2020
Aircraft and Space Vehicle Supplies and parts Wholesalers3,357$0.5011/28/2020
Aircraft parts and Equipment Manufacturers2,552$0.5011/27/2020
Aircraft parts and Equipment Manufacturers by State2,425$0.2011/27/2020
Ambitious Online Business Opportunity seekers5,650,859$0.2012/01/2020
American Business Opportunity seekers2,480,256$0.0811/26/2020
American Dream Opportunity seekers567,000$0.0811/29/2020
An Affair to Remember - Event and party Planners16,815$0.1911/30/2020
Auto and Truck Equipment and parts Companies42,819$0.2011/26/2020
Auto Financing - Car Loan seekers84,772,023$0.1811/26/2020
Auto Insurance seekers2,351,043$0.0811/22/2020
Auto Loan seekers682,901$0.0811/24/2020
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