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Potential Homeowners Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Sitting Poolside - New Homeowners with a Pool22,538$0.1101/29/2020
Affluent Homeowners2,099,104$0.1301/29/2020
New Homeowners in Colorado Springs, Colorado3,863$0.1701/29/2020
New Homeowners in Denver, Colorado7,518$0.1701/29/2020
New Homeowners in Los Angeles, California6,816$0.1701/29/2020
Homeowners in Alaska92,920$0.0801/29/2020
New Homeowners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin3,227$0.1701/29/2020
Homeowners in Kentucky996,529$0.0801/29/2020
Homeowners in Mississippi660,164$0.0801/29/2020
US Homeowners by State88,533,031$0.2001/28/2020
New Homeowners in Columbus, Ohio3,490$0.1701/28/2020
New Homeowners in Georgia44,567$0.1701/28/2020
New Homeowners in Indianapolis, Indiana3,736$0.1701/28/2020
Homeowners By State25,738,080$0.1101/28/2020
Homeowners in Georgia2,277,144$0.0801/28/2020
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