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Potential Homeowners Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Wealthy Homeowners By Income Range41,367,900$0.1110/12/2019
US Homeowners by State88,533,031$0.2010/12/2019
Living the Dream - American Homeowners104,897,207$0.1910/12/2019
New Homeowners By Location3,434,969$0.0810/12/2019
New Homeowners in Delaware3,985$0.1710/12/2019
New Homeowners in Miami, Florida8,661$0.1710/12/2019
New Homeowners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin3,227$0.1710/12/2019
Homeowners in Connecticut950,975$0.0810/12/2019
Homeowners in Hawaii197,186$0.0810/12/2019
Homeowners in Kansas660,182$0.0810/12/2019
Homeowners in Minnesota1,354,532$0.0810/12/2019
New Homeowners in Seattle, Washington5,831$0.1710/12/2019
Dream House - Verified New Homeowners1,272,825$0.1810/13/2019
New Homeowners in Alaska3,630$0.1710/13/2019
New Homeowners in California210,769$0.1710/13/2019
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