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Mailing lists with "Pre Movers And New Movers" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Soup and Rest Won't Help - U.S. Consumers Taking prescription and Over-The-Counter Medications67,146,572$0.1805/26/2020
No Contract Needed - prepaid Cell Phone Buyers66,930,777$0.2006/03/2020
prepare for the Worst - Life Insurance Prospects62,402,873$0.1805/31/2020
Kids Just Starting School: preschoolers12,021,794$0.2005/26/2020
Self Reported Rx prescription Users by Ailment11,872,703$0.2005/27/2020
Apartment pre-Movers With Move-Out Dates6,410,372$0.1805/25/2020
presidents and Owners6,331,365$0.1006/03/2020
prescription Drug Users6,203,171$0.0805/30/2020
Make Your Move - pre-Movers6,026,948$0.2006/02/2020
Secured Credit and prepaid Card Holders5,454,800$0.2005/29/2020
Parents With preschoolers4,662,389$0.2005/30/2020
Hispanic Bilinguals - Spanish preference3,647,187$0.0806/01/2020
High Blood pressure Sufferers3,387,324$0.0806/01/2020
People with High Blood pressure3,252,359$0.1606/01/2020
premium/Gold Credit Card Users3,142,683$0.0805/27/2020
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