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Pre Movers And New Movers Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
New Businesses by Province3,865,883$0.2202/11/2020
New York Voters3,770,480$0.0802/14/2020
Homeowners in New York3,523,883$0.0802/19/2020
New Homeowners By Location3,434,969$0.0802/17/2020
Fundraising - Charity Supporters in New York3,352,434$0.1102/12/2020
New Businesses By State2,990,214$0.1402/16/2020
Auction Hunters, Pickers, and Antique Collectors in New York2,705,780$0.1102/19/2020
Moving Day - New Movers and New Homeowners2,623,083$0.1802/14/2020
Fresh Credit - New Loan Borrowers2,602,964$0.1802/13/2020
Catholic Consumers in New York2,534,523$0.1402/12/2020
New Home Owners2,392,144$0.0802/17/2020
New Business Companies By Location2,311,250$0.1802/11/2020
Recent Home Movers2,237,070$0.1902/18/2020
Homeowners in New Jersey2,135,276$0.0802/11/2020
First Time New Home Owners2,066,425$0.1802/13/2020
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