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Mailing lists with "Pre Movers And New Movers" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Food preparation Worker> 100,000$0.1005/30/2020
Jewelers and precious Stone and Metal Worker> 100,000$0.1005/24/2020
preschool and Childcare Center Director> 100,000$0.1005/29/2020
preschool Teacher> 100,000$0.1005/24/2020
preston Mailing List158$0.1005/26/2020
prestonville Mailing List161$0.1005/22/2020
preston Mailing List223$0.1005/26/2020
prescott Mailing List257$0.1005/25/2020
prescott Mailing List264$0.1005/25/2020
prescott Mailing List266$0.1005/25/2020
prescott Mailing List318$0.1005/25/2020
presho Mailing List497$0.1005/22/2020
Lake preston Mailing List599$0.1005/30/2020
prentice Mailing List660$0.1005/31/2020
pretty Prairie Mailing List680$0.1005/26/2020
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