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Mailing lists with "Property Owners" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Automobile owners152,450,050$0.0811/17/2020
Car owners and Collectors97,043,366$0.1211/23/2020
Road Warriors - Auto owners97,028,859$0.1111/20/2020
property owners92,221,907$0.2011/22/2020
Pet owners Anonymous - Animal Advocates75,852,956$0.2011/17/2020
Automobile owners By Location70,019,683$0.1211/15/2020
No Lease for Me! - Vehicle owners58,335,078$0.2011/17/2020
United States Auto owners53,890,497$0.2011/24/2020
Wealthy PC owners53,486,745$0.1111/16/2020
Me and My Car - USA Automobile owners52,779,353$0.2011/23/2020
Timeshares! - Vacation Home property owners50,267,473$0.2011/22/2020
Geeky Home owners48,012,122$0.2011/20/2020
Debit Card owners and Holders44,094,100$0.2011/22/2020
It's Raining Cats and Dogs! - Pet owners40,441,460$0.1911/18/2020
Spoiled Pets - Pet owners32,750,531$0.1911/21/2020
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