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Property Owners Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
African American PC Owners5,089,314$0.0809/13/2019
African American Pet Purchasers and Owners2,684,387$0.1209/13/2019
Airplane Owners By State660,196$0.1209/07/2019
American Beauty Salon Owners and Managers60,579$0.1109/08/2019
Apartment Building Owners132,518$0.2009/14/2019
Apartment Building Owners and Operators110,940$0.1009/09/2019
Apartment Owners331,121$0.0809/14/2019
Apartment Owners By Location5,693,328$0.1109/11/2019
Asian Business Owners231,897$0.2309/12/2019
Asian Business Owners across the United States72,158$0.1509/06/2019
Asian Business Owners in California23,000$0.1509/15/2019
Asian Business Owners in Florida2,583$0.1509/15/2019
Asian Business Owners in Illinois2,804$0.1509/13/2019
Asian Business Owners in Maryland2,657$0.1509/15/2019
Asian Business Owners in New Jersey3,145$0.1509/09/2019
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