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Mailing lists with "Property Owners" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Cat and Dog owners32,416,342$0.1906/30/2020
Credit Card owners by Credit Card Type32,116,529$0.0807/03/2020
Desktop and Laptop Computer owners28,822,337$0.2007/04/2020
Big Rigs! - Truck and RV owners26,057,883$0.1806/30/2020
I Love My Dog - Dog owners in the United States25,462,440$0.1106/29/2020
Auto owners and Automotive Buffs24,830,472$0.1807/01/2020
Rims, Spinners, and Hydraulics - Truck owners and Accessories Buyers24,321,326$0.1806/29/2020
Semis, Big Rigs, and Buses - Truck owners (Motor Carriers)24,073,149$0.2007/05/2020
US Mobile Home owners21,533,488$0.1807/03/2020
Shooting Fanatics - US Gun owners20,543,523$0.2007/07/2020
Gunslingers -Licensed Gun owners and Hunters20,291,468$0.1907/03/2020
Automobile and Car owners19,950,000$0.0806/28/2020
US Car owners18,583,934$0.1107/05/2020
Devoted Cat owners18,002,157$0.2006/29/2020
Pickup Truck owners16,798,000$0.0806/28/2020
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