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Property Owners Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
I Love My Dog - Dog Owners in Austin, Minnesota3,062$0.1102/18/2020
Real Estate Owners and Investors6,035,136$0.1002/18/2020
Cape Cod Vacation Home Owners3,630$0.2002/18/2020
Boat Owners in Staten Island, New York7,210$0.1102/18/2020
Car Insurance Owners2,197,972$0.1802/18/2020
I Love My Dog - Dog Owners in Glenview, Illinois2,949$0.1102/18/2020
Mortgage Owners Looking to Refinance1,226,589$0.2002/18/2020
I Love My Dog - Dog Owners in Massachusetts430,283$0.1102/18/2020
Auto Owners by State: Honda3,297,291$0.1102/18/2020
Auto Owners by State: Jeep1,573,090$0.1102/18/2020
I Love My Dog - Dog Owners in Ramona, California3,307$0.1102/18/2020
Multiple Residential Property Owners852,866$0.0802/18/2020
Mac / Apple Product Owners in Washington6,256$0.1602/18/2020
Swimming Pool Owners9,239,553$0.0802/18/2020
Dog Owners in Albuquerque, New Mexico45,606$0.1902/18/2020
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