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Mailing lists with "Property Owners" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
SUV owners6,955,504$0.1907/08/2020
Christian Business owners And Managers at Home Address6,936,030$0.1507/05/2020
Business owners By Occupation6,915,186$0.1307/04/2020
Business owners' Home Address6,770,893$0.1507/09/2020
Home Business owners And Opportunity Seekers6,770,893$0.1507/09/2020
Dog owners6,676,638$0.0807/08/2020
Boat and Watercraft owners Across the Nation6,600,937$0.1107/13/2020
Auto owners by State: Chevrolet6,588,532$0.1107/04/2020
Avid Sailors - Sailboat owners6,401,879$0.2007/04/2020
Starboard Sailors - Boat owners6,375,629$0.1907/06/2020
Presidents and owners6,331,365$0.1007/13/2020
2-Wheeled Warriors - Motorcycle owners And Enthusiasts6,263,160$0.1107/04/2020
Sailing Enthusiasts and Boat owners6,226,769$0.1107/09/2020
Christian Home Business owners6,178,824$0.1507/12/2020
Real Estate owners and Investors6,035,136$0.1007/13/2020
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