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Mailing lists with "Real Estate" in the title

Real Estate

Nearly 20 percent of Americans move each year. Use our custom, highly targeted real estate lead database to direct your mailing efforts toward the perfect audience. Discover potential home buyers and sellers by narrowing your list using dozens of selects including:

  • Current renter
  • Income
  • Geography
  • Newly married
  • Newly pregnant
  • Age
  • And more!

Whether you’re a real estate agent or a realtor, you’re likely on your own when it comes to generating leads and clients. Developing a dialogue with current home owners who are interested in moving up or downsizing is a great way achieve success in the real estate industry. We have specific postal, phone, or email lists of confirmed home buyers you can define by several characteristics including presence of a home expiration date and net worth.

Start with a base list of confirmed home owners or renters and layer on additional selects such as net worth, income, age, the presence of a pool, and more! Target newlyweds or pregnant couples to identify prime candidates for home ownership or aging baby boomers looking to downsize.

Open the lines of communication with the potential home sellers segment to achieve growth and build long term relationships with promising prospects. Also, reach out to renters with promotional mailing campaigns and make their dream of home ownership become reality.

Generating real estate leads requires frequent direct mail efforts in order to create an impact and initiate a conversation. It is often suggested that you routinely send promotional mail pieces your target segment to connect with them. Oftentimes real estate professionals will send mailers to every consumer in a general area or zip code. Our data lists will help lower your direct mail costs by eliminating those who do not match your specified criteria so that you can reach the people interested in what you have to offer. Always keep in mind that direct marketing is a continuous activity, so by targeting a particular segment you can boost the frequency of your mailings without increasing your costs.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to move up in the real estate industry, conduct some research into characteristics of your target audience. These insights will not only help you to see an improvement in the effectiveness of your direct mail or email marketing campaigns, but it will also lead to success and long-term customer relationships.

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