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Student Mailing Lists

High School Student

Purchasing a customized student mailing list will enable your business to establish early lifelong customer relationships. Companies with a wide range of products and services utilize our premier student leads to successfully connect with this coveted demographic. Direct your communication efforts toward this generation of students; capture your audience’s purchasing power, and reap the benefits of continuous sales for many years down the line.

Student leads are perfect for companies that market their products or services towards young adults. Some examples of popular types of businesses seeking these lists include:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Retail clothing stores
  • Entertainment venues
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Credit card companies
  • And many more!

Our data lists can be customized through hundreds of selects to specify age, gender, location, education level, and many more ensuring that the segment you target will be interested in what you have to offer. You’ll notice an improvement in the effectiveness of your direct mail or email marketing campaigns, and achieve long-term successful customer relationships by keeping these key student demographic insights in mind:

  • Try out mobile marketing. Offer advertisements for your product or service via cell phone, as this is a sure way to connect with this technologically savvy group.
  • Keep your content short, distinctive, and to the point. This group’s attention span is fleeting.
  • Emphasize sales and low prices. Students often have limited budgets, so drawing their attention to savings will increase their motivation to make a purchase.
  • Keep your advertising honest and accurate. This generation does their market research before making purchases, and will check reviews for validity.

Once you purchase a targeted student list, you are one step closer to acquiring lasting customers who can advocate for your brand through word-of-mouth and social media channels. Reach the specific group of students you wish to market to.

Ready to get started? Check ou the example audience and call our marketing experts at 877.440.3282 to learn more and buy your customized list today.

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
College Bound StudentsCall for CountCall for Price04/18/2019
College Graduates and StudentsCall for CountCall for Price04/17/2019
College Spirit - College StudentsCall for CountCall for Price04/21/2019
College Student DatabaseCall for CountCall for Price04/13/2019
College Students - 4 Year Term - College Students @ Home AddressCall for CountCall for Price04/17/2019
Parents of College Bound Students @ EmailCall for CountCall for Price04/20/2019
College Students by StateCall for CountCall for Price04/18/2019
Parents of High School and College Students/Postal and Email AddressesCall for CountCall for Price04/21/2019
College Students Opt In EmailCall for CountCall for Price04/13/2019
College Students PostalCall for CountCall for Price04/15/2019
College Students SMS Text Message List With EmailCall for CountCall for Price04/17/2019
College Students with Behavioral DataCall for CountCall for Price04/16/2019
Americans with Student Loan DebtCall for CountCall for Price04/17/2019
College Students, Recent Graduates and AlumniCall for CountCall for Price04/17/2019
Career Bound College StudentsCall for CountCall for Price04/12/2019
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