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Mailing lists with "University" in the title

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
university and High School Level Athletic Directors267,863$0.1309/22/2020
College Alumni By university40,281,267$0.1409/22/2020
College and university Professors2,414,055$0.1109/22/2020
College/University Teachers and Professors1,780,774$0.2009/23/2020
SIC Code 86410202 - university Club4,613$0.1009/23/2020
university Administration Professionals106,908$0.2209/23/2020
SIC Code 82210102 - university18,845$0.1009/24/2020
College, university and High School Coaches by Name100,536$0.2809/24/2020
College and university Seniors463,313$0.0809/24/2020
university Social Organizations187,076$0.1309/25/2020
College/University Faculty Members1,203,795$0.2309/25/2020
College and university Student Organizations10,540$0.0809/25/2020
university Clubs2,575$0.5009/26/2020
College Freshmen By university18,383,683$0.1309/27/2020
College and university Administrators By Location69,659$0.1109/28/2020
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