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Veterans Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
Wounded Veterans Donors337,498$0.1101/23/2020
Wall Street Veterans - Wealthy Older Investors32,444,881$0.1101/29/2020
Veterans By State6,630,299$0.1101/21/2020
Veterans By Congressional District8,923,961$0.2001/23/2020
Veterans by Branch8,866,763$0.2001/29/2020
Still Fighting - Veterans9,411,666$0.1801/28/2020
Semper Fi - Veterans9,393,643$0.2001/24/2020
Returning Service Members - Veterans Using VA Benefits9,487,580$0.1901/21/2020
Navy Veterans By State4,761,175$0.1601/23/2020
Military Veterans1,939,189$0.0801/26/2020
Military Support - US Veterans Hospice Committee9,393,643$0.1801/23/2020
Military Men and Women - Veterans8,923,961$0.1801/25/2020
Jewish Veterans158,467$0.0801/29/2020
Hispanic Veterans346,187$0.0801/25/2020
For the Red, White and Blue! - Veterans from America9,675,453$0.1901/29/2020
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