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"Newly Engaged" Mailing lists

TitleChannelsUniverseCost/LeadLast Update
newly engaged82,214$0.0801/21/2021
newly engaged Brides425,104$0.1201/26/2021
newly engaged Brides to Be384,508$0.0801/19/2021
newly engaged Females891,967$0.0801/19/2021
newly engaged Women By Location90,463$0.0801/25/2021
newly Divorced Online shoppers134,924$0.1901/22/2021
newlyweds - New Marriages239,071$0.1801/21/2021
newlyweds and newly engaged1,908,085$0.0801/26/2021
newlyweds and newly Married Couples239,156$0.2001/17/2021
newlyweds in Alabama4,171$0.1601/22/2021
newlyweds in Arizona3,745$0.1601/24/2021
newlyweds in California21,430$0.1601/18/2021
newlyweds in Colorado5,049$0.1601/19/2021
newlyweds in Connecticut3,823$0.1601/26/2021
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