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The most important part of any marketing campaign, is selecting the right audience. There may be “Chief Executive Officers” looking for nursing uniforms, but if that’s your product, you’ll be more successful with a list of nurses! Exact Data has over 70,000 pre-selected audiences we call Ready Made Lists (RML). Search by keyword (above), or Geography, Job Title, SIC Code, or NAICS Code.

Audience Title Index

You can select a ready-made list from below or create your own list.

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TitleChannelsLeadsPrice / LeadLast Update
La Comunidad - On the Phone: Your Telemarketing Link to Hispanic Communities> 100,000$0.0905/18/2019
Labor and Union Relations Consultants361$0.3005/16/2019
Labor Organizations26,112$0.2005/17/2019
Labor Organizations Across the United States24,615$0.1105/14/2019
Labor Organizations By State22,434$0.2005/14/2019
Labor Union Members> 100,000$0.1805/18/2019
Labor Unions5,192$0.3505/21/2019
Labor Unions and Their Officials> 100,000$0.1805/20/2019
Laboratory Equipment Buyers> 100,000$0.0905/18/2019
Laboratory Equipment Wholesalers956$0.3005/14/2019
Labs in the US> 100,000$0.1805/16/2019
LabWare LIMS Information Management (IM) Business Product Users56,909$0.6005/23/2019